What We Do

Write Code. Drink Coffee. Solve Problems.

This portfolio showcases some of the projects we’ve worked on and software or IoT solutions that we’ve created.

Developing Hardware is… well HARD!

For the past several months we here at AmperageApps have been developing and refining a prototype known as “Miljø” (“environmental” in Norwegian) which monitors the environmental conditions in a home or office.  The system runs on a dual core 32-bit microcontroller and is chock-full of sensors for everything from CO2 level, UV light, sound, air…

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AMPDrill+ is a software ecosystem that combines all the various aspects of day-to-day rig operations in one convenient desktop. Capture data trends for KPI’s, safety, and operations. We deliver an ecosystem that provides a common user interface for both on and offshore reporting; advanced performance reporting, analytics, and KPI accountability. We are ready to show…

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We are Problem Solvers, Consultants, and Champions of Cool Technologies